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Q: Will I get any modeling jobs after graduating from Carolyn's Finishing Academy?

A: Yes, you will get modeling opportunities at such places as Dillard's Dept. Store, the Gibson Guitar Lounge, Isaac Hayes Restaurant, Peabody Place Mall.

Such opportunities are called resume builders, so that you may qualify to work jobs that pay money!

Q: Will I be able to become a big high fashioned model and work in places like New York or California?

A: It depends upon your dedication, perseverance, and hard work.

Anything is achievable, if you have the patience to work at it!

We, at Carolyn's Finishing Academy will provide you with the ultimate of training and agency representation to assist in getting you wherever you want to go!

High fashion models have to be at least 5'9", but print models come in all sizes.

The full-figured model is in great demand in this day and time and so is the petite (5'2" and under).

Q: How often do I come to class?
A: Only once a week.

Most modeling classes are on Saturdays at 12 noon.

Most acting classes are on Saturdays at 2:30.

But all classes are offered Monday thru Friday, 6p-8p.

Q: Will I receive a diploma or certificate upon graduation?
A: Yes, each graduating student receives a Carolyn's Finishing Academy certificate of completion in his given course of study.

Q: Will the acting classes help me to get to Hollywood?
A: The acting class is a concentrated course of study designed to give the student the know-how on marketing himself as an actor any place in the world!

The acting class is designed to equip the student to take the stage with greats like Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Denzel Washington, Halle Berry, etc.

The student graduates from the acting class with a resume and headshot that meets professional industry standards, which qualifies him to be selected to audition opposite stars like Samuel L. Jackson.

The acting class graduate is represented by our CFA Productions Talent Agency for SPEAKING parts only.

CFA Productions does not represent its talent for EXTRA roles. Our students are trained to and do perform beyond that level.

Q: How many of your students have gone on to Hollywood?
A: Many of Carolyn's Finishing Academy's graduates have gone on to Hollywood and/or staged in productions that will soon get them to Hollywood:

To name just a few:

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, TONY PATTERSON, has been cast in multiple movies and stage plays in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, SHARON BROWN, is now living in L.A., being represented by HALLE BERRY's agent for movies and other film projects.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, NICHOLAS CHASTAIN, is now appearing on the soap opera, "THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS".

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, ANTOINE DANDRIDGE, is now working as a casting director for the CASTING STATION in L.A.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy charm, modeling, and acting graduate, TIFFANY GRAY, appeared on the Apollo Show in New York City.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy charm, modeling, and acting graduate, AMANDA ROBINSON, appeared on the REGIS AND CATHY LEE SHOW and the MAURY POVICH SHOW.

Fourteen of Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting, charm, and modeling graduates appeared in the movie, "WALK THE LINE", which was about the life of Johnnie Cash!

Carolyn's Finishing Academy charm and modeling graduate, BERTHA GREENLEAF, launched a singing career and is now singing on stage and is working on her second CD album!

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduates, KENNETH HALL and JAMAL GEETER, were selected to audition to perform with Samuel L. Jackson in Craig Brewer's movie, "BLACK SNAKE MOAN"!

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, ROBERT ODELL, JR., is now appearing in an INSOUTH BANK TV commercial.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, LORRE EALEY, is now appearing in a BANCORP T.V. commercial.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduate, SHONTIE BROWN, is now appearing in a FEDEX INFO-MERCIAL.

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduates: Cooli Crawford, Lorre Ealey, Robert Odell, Jr., Arthur Smith, Gerald Faught, and Reginald Worles are now appearing on stage at the Gibson Guitar Lounge in the classical musical play, "A RAISIN IN THE SUN"!

Carolyn's Finishing Academy acting graduates: Cooli Crawford, Robert Odell, Jr., Gerald Faught, Arthur Smith, Reginald Worles, Callie Shepherd, Alicia Baxley, Keosha Allen, Brianna Rayborn, Robert Davis, Jared Williams, Jermichael Bruce, Ashely Adell will be appearing in a major stage adaptation of THE TEMPTATIONS'" movie, "THE TEMPTATIONS' STORY"; Sunday, September 23, 2007; Friday, Sept. 28, 2007, and Saturday; Sept. 29, 2007, at 6:00pm.

*Carolyn's Finishing Academy student graduates do indeed go on to Hollywood!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to become a student of Carolyn's Finishing Academy?
A: No, you do not have to sign a contract to become a student of Carolyn's Finishing Academy.

The enrollment process is the simplest in the world.

You simply pay a registration fee of $35.

When you come to your first class you pay $25, and the tuition is $25 for every class thereafter, until you have completed your 20-week course of study.

After finishing the 20-week course and all requirements, you are awarded a graduation certificate.

Q: What do I wear and/or bring to class?
A: For the modeling class, wear casual pants/slacks, blouses, shirts, sweaters, pants suits, skirts, dresses, dress suits.

Females should wear at least a 2-inch heel on their shoes; males should wear hard-soled dress shoes, well polished!


Females should wear a DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE to the first 5 (five) charm and modeling sessions!

With the above requirements, Carolyn's Finishing Academy is teaching the student to dress differently and to be versatile in dress and hair styles, for the building of self-esteem and self-confidence and outstanding performance in life!

Students taking acting, dance, and/or voice may dress casually and comfortably.

Overly provocative or revealing attire is not allowed in any class!

Every student should bring a notebook designated for his particular class and a pen, as there will be quizzes and a final test given for every course, therefore, notetaking is mandatory!

Q: Where do I park when I come downtown to Carolyn's Finishing Academy?
A: On Saturdays and week nights during class time, you may park at any available parking meter in the vast area that surrounds the school. Parking meters DO NOT have to be paid on Saturdays and after 6pm on week days!

If parking is not availbale on a parking meter, you may park in the Peabody Place Mall garage, next to the Swigg Martini Bar.

Bring us your parking ticket, and we will stamp it. If we stamp your parking ticket, you pay only $1.00.

Q: Will my training in the modeling class, help me to get an audition on "America's Next Top Model"?
A: Your training in the modeling class will provide professional training in charm and modeling that will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence to an all-time high, which will help you to audition for "America's Next Top Model" and any other form of employment.

Additionally, the training is geared toward developing careers in professional fashion modeling, which would greatly enhance your chances of being selected to appear on "America's Next Top Model".

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